To create integrated high-tech maritime and shore-based solutions and to deliver them to consumers

Sitronics KT is a contractor for both the public and private sectors.

Today, Sitronics KT is a critical supplier of hydrographic equipment, navigation devices and specialized software.

Sitronics KT is also involved in educational projects by delivering training simulators and multimedia complexes to educational institutions and museums.

In ten years, we have


bridge systems of various configurations


radio navigation items:

shipboard and onshore AIS equipment, control and correcting stations


training simulators:

automotive vehicles and special vehicles, bridges, shooting ranges


basin, regional and branch cartographic centres


shipboard technological complexes


GIS products

Sitronics KT is part of Sitronics, the multi-industry group of companies, and is a parent to the software development company Steor

Sitronics Group

Parent company

A diversified Russian IT company with an expertise in developing and implementing high-tech digital solutions for businesses and the government

Sitronics KT

Our goal is to develop, produce and deliver sophisticated maritime and shore-based solutions and create an ecosystem for the digital navigation industry


Affiliated company

A developer of advanced software focused on marine industry digitalization

Sitronics KT is a member of international and Russian organizations

The only Russian industrial member of MAMC / IALA

A member of the Maritime Connectivity Platform International Consortium

International cooperation with major European projects STM BALT SAFE has been established

A member of the GLONASS/GNSS forum association

A member and one of the founders of the ANO MARINET Industry Expertise Centre

A member of the shipbuilding industry development ANO “Consortium of Ship Equipment Manufacturers”—ANO “Sudprom”